National And International
Vehicle Transports And Logistics Services


Fleetmann Transporte GmbH fleet is using the help of modern software and hardware equipment, which allows not only to monitor, but communicate, send receive photo and video information live between divisions. This helps our team to complete daily challenges with ease.


New and used vehicle transportation services. Car carrier can carry 1-12 vehicles (Depends on model). Company drivers regularly train safe vehicle delivery rules by VDA and Daimler to ensure safe and secure delivery. Our team is experienced in local distribution, as well as international deliveries between automotive terminals. New and used car deliveries. Damage recording. On request we can deliver non-starting vehicles, motorcycles, campers and small agricultural machinery.

LTL (Less Than Truckload)

Trucks up to 7,5t provides ability to easily access to spots where it may be impossible for normal truck. Some trucks are equipped with forklift, which allows us to securely control freight pick up and unloading at delivery operations.


High value cargo receives exceptional attention of delivering safety and on time. On request we can easily update client on progress of freight delivery process, provide real time GPS coordinates, additionally insure or take care of extra safety equipment.

Just In Time/Express

According to our client preferences, we can arrange delivery of goods during weekends or public holidays. Our transport fleet allow us to transport goods up to 1000km by road in 12h timeframe.

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